Core Talk: C3 Trending and Beyond at NCSS

NCSS 2014- Council of State Social Studies Specialists panel on C3 implemention

NCSS 2014- Council of State Social Studies Specialists panel on C3 implemention

During the 2014 National Council of Social Studies (NCSS) Conference, the  Core Talk team was hot on the standards trail.  Our team is excited to keep the updates coming regarding standards, inquiry arcs, and the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies Standards!

One of our first stops was the Council of State Social Studies Specialists panel on C3 Framework implementation stages in Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Oklahoma, and North Carolina. Here are further updates:

  • As we reported, Connecticut and Hawaii have initiated C3 integration processes into their state-level social studies standards
  •  North Carolina will revise their state social studies standards to incorporate the C3 inquiry arc; in the meantime, the Public Schools of North Carolina  worked with teachers to create C3 Framework curriculum resources found  here on their website.
  • With the political controversies engulfing Common Core, several states–including Oklahoma and Florida–chose not to integrate C3 into their state standards out of caution about backlash toward multi-state standards initiatives (even though use of C3 does not involve membership in a consortium)
  • For similar reasons to Oklahoma and Florida, Kansas recently paused its state-level C3 adaptation efforts
  • Even in states that choose not to revise or rewrite their state standards to incorporate C3, individual schools and districts have begun using C3 to shape their classroom-level curriculum; for example, the Miami-Dade and Pinellas (Florida) districts include elements of the C3 in their curriculum.

In addition to C3 hubbub, we got to tap-in to updates and wisdom regarding social studies and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the classroom.  We attended Balancing Act: A District-wide Approach for Integrating the Common Core, wherein Boston Public Schools (BPS) shared their approach to CCSS roll-out in the social studies, especially as regards CCSS-aligned assessment. BPS shared that accurate word choice was integral in communicating with teachers about CCSS to create local buy-in.  For instance, BPS views their CCSS efforts more as integration rather than implementation and BPS educators curate rather than aggregate their CCSS resources and PD opportunities.  Overall, BPS cultivated the following steps for CCSS roll-out education efforts in the social studies:

  • Develop a comprehensive approach to assessments
  • Engage teacher leaders
  • Create and demonstrate value for Social Studies

One of the co-authors of the Common Core and PARCC assessments present as the session reiterated that these “Next Generation-style” standards and assessments focus on text complexity, teaching students how to ask the right questions.  CCSS integration should make students and teachers feel more comfortable in reading and writing.

With varying C3, CCSS, and social studies standards perspectives aired throughout the conference, educators all seemed to concur that ultimately, all Social Studies should provide students with learning that is meaningful, integrative, value-based, challenging, and active. With that thought in mind, we will keep our ears perked for more C3 and standards happenings, and until then…

…stay classy, Standards Enthusiasts!

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