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News, musings, and insights into the world of standards-based curriculum.

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Core Talk is the comprehensive resource for teachers, education leaders, and parents who are enthusiastic followers of developments in standards-based education. You will find current news, live commentary, state updates, and an exhaustive catalogue of standards-related professional development.

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Core Talk for iOS

Inform your instruction and activities

Inform your classroom instruction and activities.

  • Track ongoing coverage of key conversations and global stirrings in the news of standards-based education.
  • Tap into live reporting from our Core Talk Team on standards scoops at national conferences and in the news.
  • Access a comprehensive catalogue of PD events that span the globe, compiled by our standards team.




Clear the standards clutter.

  • Personalize your standards updates with location and topic filters.
  • Access succinct state profiles on standards adoption, implementation, and assessment status, including CCSS, NGSS, and C3 updates.
  • Quickly identify new posts while being informed of those you have already read.
  • Zero-in on PD offerings that fit your busy schedule both in your area and online.





Catalogue & share news and events.

  • Mark standards news and upcoming PD events as favorites to revisit later.
  • Embrace your inner social media butterfly by sharing news, commentary, and PD across your social networks.
  • Plan and organize your PD schedule from your mobile device with iCalendar integration.


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